Discount Foreign Auto Parts in San Diego is a rip off for VW parts

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Discount Foreign Auto Parts on 2921 El Cajon San Diego,CA is a rip off for Volkswagen parts.

I typically order my parts from Wolfsburgwest but only needed these small items and didn't want to pay for shipping. I went to buy bearing seals and lock plate washers and I was charged $14! These were for Mexican parts not German. Give me a break.

If you're going to spend your hard earned cash on VW parts then get it from Wolfsburgwest .

They have reasonable prices and quality German parts not Mexican *** at outrageous prices like Discount Foreign Auto Parts.

Review about: Bearing Seals.



Yep, *** should be painful.Wait for the parts to break, you pay more.

You little a** suckers should be grateful he's there to bail you out .

But noo, you whiney *** want him to give it to you for free.Grow up, or better yet, just die!


Charged me over FORTY DOLLARS for pieces of vacuum lines for my Vanagon. No receipt, just a "you're done".

I'm trying to make a living, too, but I don't sodomize anybody in the process.


I have been using rudy for most of my parts.. He can be a bit pricey but he always what I need, when I need it.. I have only been given genuine VW parts from rudy and never any mexican ones..

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Rudy does charge more than you'll pay at a mail order house.You are paying for the convenience of being able to get your part that day and Rudy has LOTS of parts.

He has been selling VW parts to me from that same shop for over 25 years. When I call Rudy for a part he doesn't even have to look it up. He knows Volkswagen parts inside and out. I do buy from mail order houses.

In fact I just received an order the other day from West Coast Metric, but then I didn't need the part for a couple days and I'm not afraid to save some money either.

Give Rudy a break.He's trying to make a living just like the rest of us.

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